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Since 1988 the law firm of Summa & Ryan, P.C. has provided Labor and Employment law advice and representation to private and public employers of all sizes, from small startup operations to Fortune 500 corporations and the State of Connecticut. While located in the Waterbury area we represent clients on a full range of labor and employment relations issues not only in Connecticut but also for larger clients throughout the United States. Each of our attorneys has devoted substantially all of his or her professional career exclusively to the practice of labor and employment law, representing employers.

While we are experienced litigators who have successfully defended clients up to the Connecticut Supreme Court, sometimes even resulting in landmark decisions, we also believe that often in labor and employment situations the most enduring successes are won when battle is avoided. We encourage, assist and train clients to avoid and resolve employment issues before they lead to litigation, grievances, union organizing or governmental agency intervention. Our approach is to help clients avoid the costly defense of employment-related complaints and the unproductive diversion of management time, resources and energy.

Further, because of our focused practice, we have been able to develop strong cooperative relationships with many other law firms, large and small, who call upon us to provide our employment and labor law services for their clients. We enjoy many such mutually rewarding and non-competitive relationships with Connecticut firms who provide general representation and counsel to their clients and with regional firms who sometimes need local representation for an employment or labor law matter in Connecticut.

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Our Experience

Private Sector

For over four decades our senior attorneys have provided labor and employment representation in a wide variety of industries such as health care, technology, trucking, finance, retail, banking, printing, service, manufacturing, entertainment, transportation, warehousing, construction, and hospitality. Each industry presents a special set of circumstances and unique traditions. This accumulated extensive experience allows us to provide proven sound practical advice on full range of current labor and employment relations issues.

Public Sector

In the public sector, we have represented a number of municipalities, boards of education and governmental agencies throughout Connecticut. These have ranged in size from small housing authorities to the State of Connecticut itself. Each level of government is marked by distinctive characteristics and governed by unique laws and procedures. In addition to our normal labor and employment representation we have also advised public clients on significant governance issues having served as Counsel for several municipal Charter Review Commissions over the last decade.

Our Commitment to Excellence

Our extensive experience is matched by a firm commitment to provide clients with excellent service. From a client’s perspective that means the right answers at the right time delivered in an efficient manner. It means sound experienced practical advice to help guide clients from where they are to where they want to be. From its inception in 1988 Summa & Ryan, P.C. has been committed to excellence. Its record, reputation, relationship with clients, testimonials and its consistent Martindale-Hubbell “AV” preeminent rating for over 30 consecutive years is proof of that commitment.

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