Over the last four decades our attorneys have been involved in literally hundreds of contract negotiations, grievance hearings, mediations, arbitrations, and organizing attempts in a wide variety of industries and circumstance.

Since 1988 we have been providing both private and public sector clients with the following labor law related service:

  • Analyzing collective bargaining agreements, grievance settlements and arbitration awards to help formulate company strategy for contract negotiations and long-term labor relations management
  • Participating in collective bargaining negotiations
  • Representing public sector employers in interest arbitration proceedings
  • Conducting training programs to improve supervisory knowledge of the collective bargaining agreement and applicable laws to assure effective contract administration
  • Counseling at all stages of the grievance and arbitration process, including responding to grievances, selecting arbitrators, and participating in hearings
  • Representing employers in NLRB, AAA and civil litigation with respect to representation issues, unfair labor practice charges, and unlawful union pressure tactics
  • Representing public employers at the State Board of Labor Relations and the State Board of Mediation and Arbitration
  • Providing on-site legal advice during periods of union organizing activity
  • Training supervisors to effectively counter union organizing by exercising management’s legal rights
  • Representing employers in deauthorization, decertification, and unit clarification proceedings

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